Monday, July 26, 2010

H2H Challenge: Oooh, Pretty Colors

It's Monday again and that means only one thing around here...another H2H Challenge for you to play along with! This week we have another trio of pretty colors to create with.

Smiley from See, I told you.

And at the risk of tainting your creative juices, all I could think of when I looked at these colors were big, mouth-watering berries.
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My problem came when I searched my stamps for an appropriate set and came up with nothing.
Not a berry in sight. Smiley from What was I to do? Then I thought about all the great stamp sets we got at Convention a couple of weeks ago. There was one in there that had a quote I really, really liked. I don't think I've made a card with just the sentiment as the focus...ever. But it worked for this one. Here it is:

Stamps: CTMH The Present (available Sept. 1)
Inks: CTMH Grey Wool, Vineyard Berry, Blush, Creme Brulee
Papers: CTMH Veranda Reflections Kit, Emporium Creative Basics, Grey Wool, Blush, Colonial White

I used some Creme Brulee ribbon as a final touch. Pretty simple, but I really liked it. I showed it to my boys to get their opinion. I don't know what I was expecting, but it sure wasn't the giggles they gave me. When I asked if they liked it, they said "Sure we do! It's a Kung Fu Panda card!"Smiley from

(For those of you that do not have kids under 10 in your home, one of the characters uses this same quote.)

So now that I know my card pleases adults and children, I can call it a day.
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Oops, but not before I say a few things. Like don't forget to check out the other DT members' blogs. They've created some pretty amazing things for this week!

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♥ Tracey-Tracey Mason's Studio

As this is my last week as a DT member, I also wanted to say a big Smiley from to Mary for the wonderful work she's done creating the H2H Challenge blog! It was so fun being a part of it and sharing my creations with everyone.

I want to congratulate all the new DT members coming aboard. They are another group of inspiring ladies, let me tell you! I can't wait to see what they share with us over the next couple of months.

And to all my fellow DT members...
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today's To Do

So the first week of school is almost over and I think we're all going to survive it. The boys got the teachers they wanted and I think this will be another great year for them.
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I only have one more year to go before I have all my boys in school...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Friends have asked what I'm going to do next year when that happens. I tell them...I'm going to do what ever I want! I can't imagine having a couple of uninterrupted hours a day.
I should start making a list of things to do now! Smiley from You know, on top of all my other To Do lists I have around the house.

But before I do that, I have a new card to show you. I actually made this for our Team's Swap last month, but never got around to sharing it.

Stamps: CTMH Happy Forever (July 2010 SOTM)
Inks: Staz-On Timber Brown, CTMH Chocolate, Brown Bag, Heavenly Blue, Goldrush, Topiary, Crystal Blue
Papers: CTMH Splendor Reflecitons Kit

Now back to my to do list. The laundry is done, the dishes are washed, the beds are made. I even have dinner planned. But even more important than all those things, I got one very exciting item marked off today's list...get our room booked at the Disneyland Hotel for next year's CTMH Convention!
Smiley from

CTMH and Disney together. I think I may actually...wait, here it comes... Smiley from

Monday, July 19, 2010

H2H Challenge: Crafty Recipes

Good morning and welcome to another delicious round of H2H Challenges! This week promises to be a very tasty treat for everyone as we share our favorite recipes!

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Make sure you stop by all the entries this week and by next Sunday you should have a great new collection of goodies to try in your very own kitchen...I know I will.

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And now that your taste buds are nice and warmed up, I'll share my submission for this week's challenge...but it doesn't contain any food at all!

Smiley from

Inks: CTMH Moonstruck, Tulip
Papers: CTMH Stardust Reflections Kit, Jingle Reflections Kit

I really wanted to get these pictures scrapped as soon as we got home from DC. And I think I may have set a personal record between the time pictures were taken and then scrapped! The journaling reads:

A Taste of Freedom

What you will need:
2 tired parents
3 tired boys, grouchy optional
5 pairs walking shoes
Sunscreen 70 SPF
5-10 bottles of water, chilled
Crowd of 500,000 people
Food tents serving snacks
Clear skies
Humidity, high quality

How to Prepare:
Start day early and pack supplies
Walk until exhausted
Before sun sets, choose location
Spread generously on grass
Add water bottles and melons
Bake at 97° for 2.5 hours
Sprinkle with fireworks

So while this isn't terribly delectable, it served a fantastic memory for me and my family. And I took so many pictures of this one little afternoon, I'll have to use get all the others scrapped with these.

I can hear you all now...Smiley from

Don't worry, I'm not going crazy. Well, crazy for Magic...but that's it.

What's Magic you ask? Um, let me consult with my adviser first.
Smiley from
Well...that's it then. It will have to wait for another time. Maybe later this week. Today I'm celebrating a different taste of freedom...the first day of school!

Don't forget to check out the other DT members blogs and see what other tasty morsels they've prepared for you this week!

Monday, July 12, 2010

H2H Challenge: ABC

Okay all you moms out there...who's ready for school to start?
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I suppose I'm lucky in that our school goes year round and we have very short Summer vacations...I don't have to deal with a lot of "I'm bored, what can I do" whines from the boys.

Plus, who wants to be outside during Summer in Tucson? Smiley from
So what does this talk of school have to do with this week's H2H Challenge? Not much. Just the name ABC reminds me of it...and the fact that school starts here in one week!

So what is an ABC Challenge, you ask? Anything But a Card! And here is a little non-card craft I created featuring my three boys:

Stamps: CTMH Love You Forever
Inks: CTMH Buttercup, Sorbet, Sweet Leaf, Crystal Blue, Grey Wool
Papers: CTMH Caboodle Reflections Kit

I used an acrylic photo cube from Target to create this cute way to embarrass my boys with their baby pictures.

It is made up of 6 basic pieces:

  • four side panels (4 x 5.5 inches, scored at 2.75) which I've attached together on the back to make one long piece
  • two top/bottom panels (4 x 4 inches)
Embellish them as you like!

This is the top and bottom panel.

Panel 1

Panel 2 with Bio-Comp's baby picture...

Panel 3 with Loquacious's baby picture...

Panel 4 with Knock-Out's baby picture.

When you get them embellished, put the bottom panel in bottom part of the cube first, facing up. Then the longer panels will fit accordian style into the cube piece. Place the top panel on top and close it with the top piece of the cube.

I did add a couple of dabs of Liquid Glass to make sure it held together. The boys were picking it up to look at it and the top and bottom cube pieces kept coming apart. Liquid Glass to the rescue!

Be sure to stop by the other DT members' blogs and see all the great ABC creations they've come up with!

♥ Carol-Scramping with Carol
♥ Helen-Hooked on Stamping
♥ Jayma-Playing with Paper
♥ Katy-an inside to my heart....
♥ Mary-on Life and Creating
♥ Tracey-Tracey Mason's Studio

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some serious school shopping to do! Smiley from

Monday, July 5, 2010

H2H Challenge: Get Sketchy

Good morning everyone! Coming to you live from my cushy hotel room, somewhere near our nation's capitol!
Smiley from
Yes, I'm in Washington DC for the National CTMH Convention! I'm so excited to be here and spend a couple of days with my family before I'm surrounded by 1000 other scrap crazy ladies!

But not to worry, I made sure I woundn't leave you hanging for this week's H2H Challenge!
Smiley from
This week is another sketch challenge for you coming straight from the Wishes book, called City Scape.

Now I know after this post you all went out and got your own copy, right.

Smiley from

Well, don't wait too long...after all Christmas is only 6 month away and now is an excellent time to get started on those holiday cards!

Okay, here's the sketch for this week:

I've had this new Howdy stamp set since the new Summer Idea Book came out and I've been itching to try it.

Stamps: CTMH Howdy
Inks: CTMH Cocoa, Twilight, Garden Green, Honey, Crystal Blue, Bamboo, Barn Red (duh), StazOn Timber Brown
Papers: CTMH Sarsaparilla

As you can see, I rotated the sketch to accomodate my image better. I colored the barn with ink pads and blending pens. I also ran the Twilight cardstock under the faucet to get it nice and wet. Then I crumpled it up and smoothed it out to dry. A little Cocoa ink around the edges adds some rustic charm, along with some hemp knots next to the sentiment.

Well, now. I've got lots to do and lots to see in DC. But be sure you stop by the other DT members' blogs and see all the great things they've done with the sketch!

♥ Carol-Scramping with Carol
♥ Helen-Hooked on Stamping
♥ Jayma-Playing with Paper
♥ Katy-an inside to my heart....
♥ Mary-on Life and Creating
♥ Tracey-Tracey Mason's Studio


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