Monday, September 28, 2009

Start Spreading The News

I wanted to share a sneak peek of an upcoming workshop.

I have access to lots of great artwork and ideas on the CTMH consultant bulletin board. Lots of wonderful ladies sharing their ideas. This card kit is from the talented Lisa Stenz. It looked so fun I thought I'd share it with my customers as well!

The kit uses the new Around the Holidays card kit from the new Idea Book. Every workshop attendee will receive enough supplies to create 4 cards and a CD gift tin. We'll dress them up with prisma glitter, embossing powder, liquid applique, and fun flock. It's a quick project that results in beautiful cards.

The workshop will be held at my home, November 4, from 7:00-8:30 pm. The cost is only $5 per kit. But if you place a $20 order with me by the deadline (Monday,October 26) your kit is FREE!

Okay, enough advertising.

On a more personal note, I'll not be around for at least a week. Engineer and I decided a while ago that being married 10 years should constitute a big celebration. So right now we are on our way to a very delayed, totally kid-free honeymoon!

Where are we going? Well, if you happen to watch the Today Show on Wednesday, you might catch a glimpse of us in the crowd!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Super Late Birthday Card

Flyin' in with a card to share.
Smiley from

But first, let me just start by saying why I really love CTMH's Background & Texture paper: among other reasons, the back of the paper has the same designs as the front, only in monotone hues. This makes the paper very versatile in my book. It also makes looking for it so much easier! Not that I have all my papers scattered around the place (no comments, Engineer!), but if there is a scrap lying about, I instantly know what it is. And I mostly 99.9% of the time use only CTMH paper. The other 0.1% is only because another paper is just so perfect for the project, I have no choice but to use it.

Why am I babbling on about paper?

Years ago, I found a perfect sheet of paper to make a layout of my brother for my parent's anniversary album. I was being frugal at the time and only bought one sheet. Something I would never be able to do today! Anyway, I knew I had some of it left and wanted it for this very late birthday card. I found it, pulled it out, then set it aside for when I had time to make it. The other day I was desperately trying to find that just right scrap of paper. I looked over and through everything in my closet. When I had given up...I found it. I didn't notice it before because it was turned over...and just plain white on the back! I felt silly, it staring at me the whole time. So now I'm wishing all paper companies would print on the backside of their papers, too!

Are you still with me? Smiley from

Okay, here's the finished card...

Stamps: Stamping Bella SuperTyler
Inks: Memento Tuxedo Black
Papers: CTMH Cranberry, Black, a precious scrap of Superman paper from unknown company

The inside says, "Sorry it's Super Late!"

I did color with my Copics, it had been a while...I missed them. I also got to use a new tool, well new to me. I had been waiting for the I-top to come to Michael's for a those 50% coupons! I used it to make the brad next to the sentiment. I can tell this will be a fun tool to use!

Today we're having a surprise birthday party for better to surprise someone than to throw a party 2 weeks late!

Friday, September 25, 2009

School Break Imminent

The end of the first quarter for school is today. Our three week break from classes lay before us and all I can say is, we made it through another one! Smiley from The kids are surely having parties in class today and will come home pumped up for the rest of the night...thanks!

It also means it is time to say good-bye to Mrs. T, the Teacher's Aide in Bio-Comp's class. He informed me at the beginning of the week they were planning a surprise good-bye party for her today. He then asked in his sweetest I-want-you-to-do-something-but-don't-know-if-you'll-be-mad voice if I could make her a card. Well, of course I could! He should know by now I'd rather be creating a card than Smiley from or Smiley from

So I sorted through my school themed stamps and pulled out one I hadn't even used yet.

Smiley from Yes, I know...and I'm working on that!

I used this sketch from Mojo Monday and quickly put together her card.

Stamps: CTMH Doodle Art
Inks: CTMH Clover Meadow, Versamark
Papers: CTMH School Zone My Reflections Kit (retired), Outdoor Denim, Clover Meadow, White Daisy, Black

The chalkboard is white embossing powder on black cardstock. Pretty simple, but Bio-Comp thought it was awesome. And I'm not going to argue with that!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Make A Wish

Today I finally had time to sit and make my brother's very late birthday card. Guess what? I simply can not find the paper I was planning on using in the card!
I've looked everywhere I thought I would put it Smiley from but no luck! This means it's time to clean the closet again. Or at the very least, put away everything I've had out since the Open House. I'll have to do some more looking before the two school boys get home.

This weekend was also the birthday of three friends! And they also suffered from my preoccupation with getting ready for the Open House. So I chose a simple design for their cards...yes, they all got the same card, I needed a break!

If for some reason you ladies have not received your cards yet...cover your eyes! that will work Smiley from

Stamps: CTMH Treasures (September SOTM)
Inks: Indian Corn Blue
Papers: CTMH White Daisy, Indian Corn Blue

I embossed the images with white embossing powder and sponged on some extra ICB ink to make it pop. Simple to make, but I like it.

Okay you three...did you look? Smiley from millan.netTell the truth!

Alright, I've got to find that paper. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I think I've recovered from this weekend...aren't naps wonderful? Unless your family lets you sleep too long, then you wake up more tired than before. Does that happen to anyone else?

So I promised to show some of the things I've been working ya go!

Stamps: CTMH Hello There (exclusive to the Twitterpated Workshop Kit)
Inks: CTMH Chocolate
Papers: CTMH Twitterpated My Reflections Kit

Sorry about that little glare in the picture. Someday I will be getting a photo tent and all glares will be banished from my house!Smiley from

This is one of the layouts available in the new Twitterpated Workshop Kit. Each kit comes with a Level 2 My Reflections Kit, an exclusive B-size stamp set, and a coordinating accessory, which in this case is the Chocolate Collection Ribbon Round. I added a few other items to dress it up a bit more: some hemp, brads, and some brand new chipboard buttons.

These new Workshop Kits also come with card making cutting guides...but that will have to wait for another timeSmiley from't want to overstimulate you guys!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Done!

The Open House is over and my family has their mom/wife back to normal! There was a wonderful turnout and I thank you ladies that came, Smiley from

The best part is all my workshops are set for the next three months so I won't have to scramble to get them ready the weeks before, we all know how great my time management skills are. The second best part is my clubs starting back up again, I miss seeing all my friends regularly.

I'll have lots of pictures to show...later. Right now, even though it's only 3 in the afternoon, I'm ready for a nap.

Smiley from

Friday, September 18, 2009

I Can See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I'm still scrapping away making sure I have everything done for the New Idea Open House tomorrow. I've got workshops created for the next three months, displays for the new Workshops On The Go, sign-ups for the next round of Oh, Scrap! and Wild Cards (my once a month scrapbooking and card making groups), display items for the new Jingle My Reflections Kit, displays for the Everyday Celebrations Card Kit (which as of this morning is down to 51% stock left available), and just making sure all the little odds and ends are completed. I haven't seen my dining table in a month!

And I'm also sad to report my brother suffered from my breaking of my New Year's resolution. I have done pretty well so far, but his birthday happened in the middle of all my chaos and I did not get his card made in time!

I don't know what my problem was, it's the same day every year, it's not like I didn't know it was coming, but I just got too busy.
Smiley from

After tomorrow, I'll be able to sit down and make him a nice card and play with a new tool I got recently...but until then I'll share something NOT for the Open House.

Stamps: CTMH Grateful Hearts
Inks: CTMH Autumn Terracotta, Goldrush, Barn Red
Papers: CTMH Harvest My Reflections Kit (way long retired, I just really love the leaves in it)

Last month, for some strange reason, I thought I could participate in a card front swap in The Frugal Scrapper yahoo group. "I know I have lots to do, but you say there's a swap going on? Sign me up!" I really need to think before I act sometimes. But, I did set aside some precious time and get 7 of these card fronts made and mailed. I kept it simple so I wouldn't have a meltdown Smiley from and leave my family to fend for themselves...which is actually what they've been doing the past couple of weeks anyway.

And to add to all the guilt of being busy and oblivious to everything around is my 10 year anniversary with Engineer! Yeah for us! Do I have a card for him? Smiley from

PS: Marianne! I went and got the book right away on Tuesday! I've only been able to read the first 2 chapters, but I'm loving it so far!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthdays Rock!

Smiley from Is it safe to come out?

My boys were telling me about some "thing" running around here last week. They said it had wild, untamed hair...crazed, glazed over eyes...mostly grunted and yelled. I have no idea what they're talking about, I never saw anything like that.

But I do want to know what happened to all my adhesive...I am totally out!

Yesterday was a friend's birthday. I got this Bella stamp long ago and have always wanted to use it on a card for her. Even with 4 grown boys, she is still an 80's girl at heart with a deep obsession conviction for all things Duran Duran.Smiley from

Stamps: Stamping Bella Rockabella, CTMH Charms Alphabet
Inks: Memento Tuxedo Black, CTMH Ocean
Papers: CTMH White Daisy, Ocean, Black

I used the Allegro embossing folder on the Ocean CS and sanded it a bit. I colored the Bella with Copics then loaded on the Stickles! I used Turquoise on the pants and her hair and Black Diamond on her top. I also used Liquid Glass on the guitar to make it nice and shiny. It took about 15 hours to dry...really...Smiley from

Right now I have to get some more adhesive and get back to work on Open House displays. I love deadlines.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mombies On The Loose

We interupt this blog to bring you a public service announcement.

Mombies have been sighted in nearby neighborhoods.Smiley from

What do you do if you see a Mombie?

*Do not confront them if approached.
*Do not make eye contact.
*Do not ask what is for won't like the answer.
Smiley from

How do you know if you've got a Mombie problem?

*The general area will be littered with unfinished laundry.
*Kitchen sinks will be clean, they use them after all, but beware of dishwashers full of dirty dishes due to forgetfulness to actually put in soap and start the thing on the Mombie's part.
*Large quantities of Mac n'Cheese boxes may be found.

And the biggest identifiying clue to a Mombie presence?

The kitchen table has been transformed into a paper heap, scattered with tools, cutters, and the occasional tape gun. Be aware that glitter may be present and if so, do not touch! That stuff has been found to attach itself to anything in the nearby vacinity causing insanity.
Smiley from
It also alerts the Mombie to your proximity to her "nest".

Mombie invasions rarely last long, usually until they get card swaps done, display items complete, or they run out of adhesive.

But until that time,Smiley from

Let's all be safe out there.


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