Friday, March 25, 2011

Vegas Baby!...And A Studio J Layout: Peek-A-Boo

Happy Spring everyone! This is the last week of the boys' break then it's back to our regularly scheduled...uh, schedule. Anyway, let me tell you what we've been doing since the last time I posted.

We had a nice little family vacation to Las Vegas. My up-up-upline Karen Morris and CTMH Corp. held a LeaderShare meeting for her team members. I was very excited it was close enough for us to go and equally excited to see the Vegas lights for myself.

During our meetings, we listened to amazing presentations given by some of the VPs from CTMH. I could seriously sit and listen to them all day! I always get motivated and inspired by all of them...can't wait to hear from them again at Convention!

We also created two beautiful projects, a My Creations Cube and a layout using the new Irresistables Eclectic chipboard die-cuts. I didn't get a chance to completely finish either of them...very quick paced creative I'll have to share those when I get them done.

There was a very nice surprise for me at the end of the day...Karen gave out awards to her team and I received a lovely layout page created by the Art Department at CTMH. It turns out, of those in attendance, I was the Top Recruiter for the last year's 4th quarter! Smiley from Really? Yeah Me!

My up-upline Kim got this oh-so-lovely shot of me on the way back to my seat.

I'm so glad to be a part of this great company that really supports and recognizes it's consultants. Smiley from And I love helping people become a part of that as well.

The day we headed home was the first day of Spring. We planned to stop at the Grand Canyon on the way through and do a bus tour. Well, when we walked out the door of our hotel that morning to go to breakfast, we saw the first snowflakes of the day starting to fall. By the time we got to the entrance of the park, this is what the weather looked like...

Of course we didn't really plan on being in a March.

As you can see by the boys' apparel, this snowstorm completely caught us off guard. I really should check out weather forecasts before packing.
Smiley from

The only reason they even have those jackets is because Engineer insisted they needed them before we had visited Hoover Dam the day before. Thank goodness for Target...and for Engineer!

Our bus tour driver came in shortly afterwards and said she was going to try and talk us out of the tour. We wouldn't be able to see the Canyon anyway, what with all the snow falling. We thanked her, then headed for the van to start the trip home earlier than planned.

This is what it looked like as we left the park...

and pretty much stayed that way for half the trip home!

But we made it home safely and have sort of gotten everything unpacked. The house is a disaster, but that can be fixed when I don't have so home during the day.

So how about another Studio J layout? I'm working on the pictures from this trip, so you'll have to wait just a bit longer for those, but I have lots of others to share!

This layout is made with another one of those groups of photos that I took just because the boys were being so funny. We had a big mirror propped up in the hall before hanging it and they just became mesmerized with their reflections.

Studio J: Hooligans Reflections Kit

Have I told you lately how much I love Studio J? Yes? Well, I'll tell you again. I love Studio J! Smiley from millan.netI love that I can take a paper pack like Hooligans...

and use it however I want! Why did I choose Hooligans for these pictures? Two reasons. I knew it had that "Boo" stickease for me to use, and because it had that great "fingerprint" B&T paper! Two little boys can leave a lot of fingerprints on a mirror!

By using Studio J, I could pick the paper pack to use based on the patterns, not just the colors. Since you can change the paper to any of our 60 colors, it adds more versatility to your layouts!

Now, I have a couple hundred more photos to download from Vegas and actually have time set aside today to work on more studio layouts. Smiley from If you want to know more about how Studio J works, send me an email. Next month is another great Studio J Member special from CTMH and you won't want to miss it!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Studio J Layout: The Splash Zone

Good evening! See...I did make it out of the boys' room after all. And you know what? It's already a mess again!

Sigh, what's a mom to do. Smiley from

It's after dinner and once again I find myself with a few moments alone. The boys all went for much needed haircuts. Bio-Comp came home looking like he tried to sweep the school sandbox with his head, Knock-Out looks like he's been climbing trees all day, and Loquacious is just plain shaggy!
Smiley from

It made me miss the times when they stayed cleaner for longer...and reminded of this layout I did a while ago of the boys in the tub.
Smiley from
I's rated G! Of course, this was when we just had the two older boys. Actually, I don't even remember life like that at all anymore. Funny how years of sleep deprivation will play tricks on your mind, right? Smiley from

Anyway, I wanted to share something else wonderful about Studio J. But first, the layout...and I'm sure I'll get an earful about how embarrassing this is to show to the world.

Studio J: Splash Zone Reflections Kit

Now what I wanted to talk about with this layout are the photos. These are just some silly little photos that have been sitting in our computer for 5 years,Smiley from millan.netbored out of their mind. And if I took them, there must have been a reason I did. Oh, yes...because I thought they were cute and wanted to remember them that way. But I doubt I would have ever printed them and made a classic layout with them, they were just some fun shots of the boys.

Studio J really made this a quick and fun way to get these photos out of the computer and into my albums. Where I can publicly embarrass the boys a right proper way. I've been going through our pictures and finding little snapshots of our lives and preserving them this way...instead of storing them away...and I love seeing how things have changed through the years.

How many photos do you have hidden away in your computer waiting to see the light of day?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Studio J Layout: Fun At The Park you hear that?

It's not something often heard here in my house, but I thoroughly enjoy it when I do.

Know what it is? Smiley from

Blessed Silence. Engineer took the three boys out to watch our cousin's soccer team in a championship game...and I got to stay home! Smiley from The boys asked me what I was going to do by myself. Hmmm. Let me think...

I took an uninterrupted shower, washed the sheets, did the dishes, and picked up the living room.

Sounds fun, right? Smiley from Well, if I can do all that without someone asking me to fix them something to eat, help them find a missing shoe, or help them get to the next level on their Wii game I'll call it good. And for some reason, housework seems to go much quicker when I'm by myself!

So now that the washer is going, I'll stop and share a layout with you.

Studio J: Mayberry Reflections Kit

This is one of the 30 layouts I completed last month using the Studio J special.
Smiley from I know! That's a lot of layouts!

So this layout is of the boys at the park...obviously. I told them we could go only if they let me take pictures. After grumbling from Loquacious, we left for the park. They brought kites to fly with their Dad, but while he was getting those ready, I got the boys to pose for me. As with any photo shoot with them, it quickly got silly and I just kept clicking away with the camera.

When I was working on this layout, the Mayberry Kit seemed like the perfect papers to create it with. Especially with the cute My Stickease trees, kites and quotes. I don't have this kit in paper, but after using it in Studio J, I'm sure it will make it's way to my closet sometime soon.

While I still have time to myself, I think I'll brave the boys' room and see what damage I can do. If you don't hear from me in a week, send in the troops...or chocolate...whichever is easiest!

Have a great weekend!Smiley from

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free, Free, Free!

Smiley from
Did that get your attention?

Let me tell you about this month's Campaign from CTMH. Throughout the month of March, we'll prove that we have the best clear stamps and blocks in the industry. When you buy $25 in My Acrylix stamps, you'll receive a free My Acrylix block! You'll get to choose from two of our most versatile sizes: 3" x 3" or 2" x 6.5"

Head over to my website or contact me if you want to get the best stamps and blocks around!

CTMH March Stamp of the Month: Sensational Seasons

Well here we are with the beginning of another month. Spring Break is just a couple of weeks away and hopefully it will warm up a bit before that.

The beginning of the month also means new a Stamp of the Month from Close To My Heart. You'll want to be sure and get your own set this is just too cute to pass up!

Just imagine the Spring cards and projects you'll create with this set!
Smiley from

Here are some art samples from the very talented artists at CTMH:

Now, I know you can't wait to get your own set...I couldn't either! I just haven't made time to create anything with it yet.
Smiley from

(In my defense, I wasn't totally uncreative last month. I did complete 30 Studio J layouts!)

This stamp set is available for the month of March and you can get it at a discount or even FREE! Who doesn't like free stamps?

  • Purchase $25 and receive a 25% discount
  • Purchase $50 and receive a 50% discount
  • Purchase $75 and receive a 75% dicsount
  • Purchase $100 and get it totally free!

Just visit my website or contact me to get your own set of bunnies!

Smiley from


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