Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Studio J Layout: The Splash Zone

Good evening! See...I did make it out of the boys' room after all. And you know what? It's already a mess again!

Sigh, what's a mom to do. Smiley from

It's after dinner and once again I find myself with a few moments alone. The boys all went for much needed haircuts. Bio-Comp came home looking like he tried to sweep the school sandbox with his head, Knock-Out looks like he's been climbing trees all day, and Loquacious is just plain shaggy!
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It made me miss the times when they stayed cleaner for longer...and reminded of this layout I did a while ago of the boys in the tub.
Smiley from
I's rated G! Of course, this was when we just had the two older boys. Actually, I don't even remember life like that at all anymore. Funny how years of sleep deprivation will play tricks on your mind, right? Smiley from

Anyway, I wanted to share something else wonderful about Studio J. But first, the layout...and I'm sure I'll get an earful about how embarrassing this is to show to the world.

Studio J: Splash Zone Reflections Kit

Now what I wanted to talk about with this layout are the photos. These are just some silly little photos that have been sitting in our computer for 5 years,Smiley from millan.netbored out of their mind. And if I took them, there must have been a reason I did. Oh, yes...because I thought they were cute and wanted to remember them that way. But I doubt I would have ever printed them and made a classic layout with them, they were just some fun shots of the boys.

Studio J really made this a quick and fun way to get these photos out of the computer and into my albums. Where I can publicly embarrass the boys a right proper way. I've been going through our pictures and finding little snapshots of our lives and preserving them this way...instead of storing them away...and I love seeing how things have changed through the years.

How many photos do you have hidden away in your computer waiting to see the light of day?

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