Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh, Baby!

A couple of friends from church had their baby boys this month. Of course that was a good excuse to make some cute cards!

Stamps: CTMH Baby Gifts (retired)
Inks: Brilliance Graphite Black, CTMH Crystal Blue
Papers: CTMH Crystal Blue, Key Lime

I am, of course, still working on lots of little display projects for my open house in a couple of weeks. If only my 3 boys would be a little more considerate of my time! Geesh, they want me to do stuff like laundry and cooking. I'm preserving memories here, they expect me to do all that other stuff, too?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Berry Goodness

I'm popping back in to say "Hi!"


Well, now that that's out of the way I can share a bit of what I've been doing this past week. Last Friday I went to my friend Kimberly's house and she taught me how to make jam...yummy strawberry jam. And I'm proud to say I am now the owner of 6 jars of homemade jam, along with 5 jars of freezer jam. Well, really 4 was too yummy to leave alone.

And while I was reveling in my homemaker victory, I got a boon. The UPS man made a stop. I wasn't expecting it until Monday, but he brought all my new goodies from the upcoming Summer idea book. The smell of all the new papers and stamps were overwhelming, so I ran to the kitchen to have some jam and bread. By the time Engineer got home I was on cloud nine. And as an extra bonus, he took his Scouts camping that night. Not that having him gone is a bonus...but I wouldn't have to put up with his eye rolling as I drooled over my new playthings.

So yesterday, while still playing working with my new stuff, I made this little 3x3 card to give to Kimberly as a thank you for letting me make a mess in her kitchen.

Don't peek, Kimberly!

Stamps: CTMH Little Thoughts
Inks: CTMH Tulip, Clover Meadow, Black
Papers: CTMH Animal Cookies Creative Basics

And now I'm off to my closet again! I'm working on display pieces for an upcoming Open House for the new catalog.

And to have some more jam.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Today's Post Is Brought To You By The Letter O...For Oh, It Is Good To Be Back Online Again!

I cannot believe how much I relied on this computer! I have been without it for almost a month and I have noticed a couple of things, which I will now pass on to you.

1. My wallet is not as light as it usually is. It may have something to do with that fact that I don't see all the great crafting items everyone is using and thus think I need for myself.

2. My boys have actually had a mom around, not some Mombie (that's Mom+zombie, according to them) with nothing but paper and ink on the brain.

3. My house is...well, it's not cleaner. But it is definitely getting more organized. Amazing how that worked out, isn't it?

4. Engineer is an absolute miracle worker...he was able to revive the computer back to it's former self. No picture lost, no document lost.

and lastly,

5. Back up, back up, back up!

So now that I've passed on those little pearls of wisdom, I do actually have a little card to show. This is the card I made for my grandma' birthday last month, Hi Mommaw! The boys picked out the stamp for me. I'm surprised she didn't get a card with robots or monsters on it.

Stamps: Penny Black I'm So Cute
Inks: Brilliance Graphite Black
Papers: CTMH Sweet Pea Reflections Kit

So did I do a lot of crafting while I was away? I have to be honest and say no. But I have a big box of new items from next month's Summer Idea Book coming and will have lots of things to show in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for sticking around!

Back up, back up, back up!


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