Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

The boys are out of school, my parents are on their way...with my brother and his family close behind. The food is all nestled in the pantry and fridge awaiting the melee tomorrow that is Thanksgiving marathon cooking.

I've just finished cleaning up from creating my mom's birthday card, which is the day after Thanksgiving this year. Kind of hard to surprise someone with a card if your creative mess is all over the dining table.

I still have some light straightening to do before guests arrive and what have I been doing every 10 minutes...all day long?

Checking my UPS tracking number for my Gypsy! You know, "I'm sorry" may be the hardest words to say but "Out for Delivery" is the most anxiety causing phrase to read on the screen!

Smiley from

If I don't get back here before tomorrow,Smiley from

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