Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Close To My Heart Top 10 Under $10

Today's date is pretty special. 10-10-10.
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In this house of Math & Engineering, it brings talk of binary numbers and computers.
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You do know that 101010 translates to the number 42...which means nothing, but I thought I'd educate you all a little.

You're welcome.

This date in history only comes around every 100 years. Since I'm reasonably sure none of us will be around for the next one, I wanted to mark the day with a proverbial Top 10 list.

We all know what great products CTMH offers, but I wanted to share my favorite 10 for under $10.

In no particular order they are:

1. Texture tools $9.95

I love to add shading and texture to my paper craft projects. It just completes the look in my opinion. However, I don't really like to go too overboard with the distressing and these tools make it easy to control.

2. Micro-Tip Scissors $9.95

These have become my favorite scissors! They just feel more comfortable in my hand and I can cut longer without getting scissor cramp. You know what I mean, right? Cut so long that your fingers curl into your palms automatically? Only a trip to the acupuncturist would help? Smiley from Not with these. And I love that you can get into itsybitsyteenytiny places when you're cutting.

3. Piercing Tools $5.95

I use my piercing tool as often as I can. I love the look it gives and how easy it is to add just a little something extra to a project.

4. Create-A-Shade Pearl Paint $2.95 and Glitz Glitter Glue $2.75

Okay, I know technically this is two items, but they go so well together I had to mention them together. And it's my list.

If you really like to make your projects sparkle and shine, these two items are an amazing value!

5. Opaques and Sparkles $2.95 each

I know, another 2 items. But I had to put these two blingy (yes, that's a real word) items together. These accessories (and their variations) add so much to a project for so little! The problem comes when you find yourself looking at other things and imagining them with little pearls and sparkles.
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6. Mini-Medley Accents $4.95

These mini collections of embellishments pack a big punch! They come in many colors and of course coordinate with all the papers, inks and other accessories. And they're affordable enough to get one of each!
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7. Liquid Glass $6.95

Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without this. I use it all the time! It's wonderful for doing what it's meant to a lot more. I use it to fix broken toys, seal torn vinyl on play tables, and gluing school projects. If my boys were a little more careful around the house, I could actually use it more on my craft projects!

8. Flip-Flaps $3.95

These new Flip-Flaps are so fun to use! Have you ever had just too many photos for one layout? With these new larger sized Flip-Flaps, you can make your albums more interactive and exciting.

9. My Creations 3-D Elements $3.95-$9.95

This entire collection is full of fun and versatile items to decorate and create! Make something for your home, make something for a friend, make something that shows how much you care. The holidays are coming up and these make great gifts for everyone.Smiley from

10. A-sized My Acrylix Stamp Sets $7.95

While I love everything about all our My Acrylix stamps; the clearness, the flexibility, the high quality, the thing I love most is the affordability! Now, this set I have pictured, A Timber, is my favorite but there are many, many more sets for all occasions. And at only $7.95 they are such a great value, you can have them all!

So that's my Top 10 for under $10 list for 10-10-10. Do you have a favorite 10 CTMH items that you always reach for? Share it with me!

And if you need some ideas on what to do for the rest of today, visit GeekDad and see what fun (albeit geeky) things you can do with your family.
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I'll let you know which ones we did.

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