Monday, July 8, 2013

Purple Is A Manly Color

It's been a while since I shared a Studio J layout with you.  And since I'm still (kinda) unwinding from Convention, this would be the perfect time to show you a quick layout the boys helped me with.

Last year we started the boys in Kempo lessons...because they sorely needed some sort of physical outlet!  (Especially Knock-Out, man that kid can wear me out by mid morning!)  A couple of weeks ago, they all took their purple belt test and passed.  We got some shots of them outside the gym with their lots of them acting, well like themselves.

Studio J: Moonlight Kit

Some of the boys in the class weren't too sure about wearing purple, but their instructors told them it was the manliest belt color.  I suppose it worked because they all proudly wear it now!

This is the last week of summer break for the boys.  We've been going non stop for the past month, and I'm looking forward to getting a break myself! From Millan.Net

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