Thursday, July 16, 2009

Can You Get A Sunburn From A Card?

Today we have a birthday in the house. Smiley from Loquacious is now 6 years old. He asked me to make him a card the other day with very specific instructions. He wanted a phoenix bird wearing a birthday hat and steam coming out of the hat. Those that know him can guess why.

Ok, then. The only problem was I had no phoenix stamps. And I looked for some online, but apparently "phoenix" does not translate to "cute, kid friendly" images. So I had to get inventive. I did find a digi stamp of a bird, a parrot, but I thought it would give me something to work with. Yes, I know it's missing the birthday hat and steam. But after the instructions he's given me for his cake...he'll just have to forgive me

Put your sunglasses on...

Stamps: CTMH It's Your Day (August SOTM), Dustin Pike digi stamps
Inks: CTMH Orange, Sunflower
Papers: CTMH Tinkerin' Reflections Kit, Black

It has been so hot around here lately and making this card just seemed to add to the heat. I get hot just looking at it!

I think some Christmas cards are in order pretty soon to offset this heat. At least in my mind.


  1. oh how cute and clever of you. I think it is adorable. Don't tell your 6 year old that though -grins.

  2. I think it's great! Quite inventive indeed... hope he loved it :)

  3. How cute. That was inventive. I think I might have not been able to come up with another answer so quickly..


  4. Love it! Hot.... Hot...Hot!



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