Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Hot Chocolate Kind Of Day

Ah, I was doing so well with posting new art. Then it happened, Smiley from

I suppose it had to happen sometime this year and I'd rather it be now than during the holidays. One good thing that has come from me being sick is I can't talk above a whisper without setting my throat on fire. Why is that good? Because the boys have subconsciously been a lot quieter the past couple of days.
If it's too loud in the house, they can't hear anything I'm saying. Smiley from
Granted, they were good at not hearing much of what I said before either.

Let's move on to a card, shall we?

I was released from my calling at church a couple of weeks ago, which means no more making birthday cards for the ladies at church. Some one else is in charge of that now.
Smiley from

But as a last request, I made these to tide them over for a couple of months.

Stamps: My Favorite Things You Take The Cake
Papers: CTMH Jingle Reflections Kit, That's Amore Reflections Kit

We've had a snap in the weather and it is 25° cooler today. So if you'll excuse my, I think I hear some hot chocolate calling my name. Smiley from


  1. ~~snicker~~ You really should write a little article for amagazine - I just love your stories A! :-)
    Crazy weather, eh?! I agree - hot chocolate!
    hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Love the card ( a lot!) I am waiting for life is slow down so I can take some of your fabulous classes. Keep offering them because I will be back!
    I grinned ear to ear at your yellow smiley people saying "there, there" about the b-day card making. :)
    so cute!



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