Saturday, August 18, 2012

La Belle Vie Bracket Frame

Engineer has been out of town lately...a lot. In fact, right now he's gone again for another week.
(I know he reads my blog so I'll just go ahead and embarrass him right now.)  Miss you Sweetie! Smiley from

One of the only plus sides to him being gone is that I can craft all I want and not feel too guilty about it.  Sure the house suffers a little, and the boys get to eat all the pizza they want Smiley from, but Mom gets to craft and that's what's important, right?!?

I'm totally just kidding, you know that right, Engineer?  The boys are eating fine and the house isn't too much of a disaster zone. Smiley from

Truthfully, I have been working on things for an upcoming Idea Book Open House.  This is one of my favorite things I've made so far!

It is the new My Creations Bracket Frame!  I love, love, love it!  It measures just at 11" x 11" and has a  7" x 7" opening.  It really is a shadowbox with a 1" depth, so you can add lots of memorabilia inside it!
It is a white chipboard frame and easily takes ink.  I've sponged it using the new Champagne ink, then added depth by very lightly sponging on Cashmere and Saddle ink as well.

Here I've used the new La Belle Vie paper kit.  It comes with 2 exclusive colors La Belle Vie Mauve and La Belle Pink.  The flowers were cut with the new Artiste cartridge using those exclusive colors.  (They're only in the La Belle Vie paper kit, so if you love them too, don't miss out on them!)

Here are the flowers before I did anything to them.  Just twirled up and stuck to their base with a glue dot.  They look alright, but I like my flowers to look a little more realistic.  Well, as realistic as I can get them anyway!

With just a little spritz of stamp cleaner (or water), the paper breaks down just enough to become pliable.  I used my tweezers and fingers to roll down/push down the petals. Then I used a sponge (or dauber) on the edges with the Champagne ink.  Much better, right?!

And the same thing with the leaves.  This is just the basic leaf straight from the Cricut mat.  Pretty flat and boring!

I took my embossing stylis and drew veins on the back of the leaves.  Then I flipped them over and lightly sponged them with the Champagne ink. I also gave them a quick spritz and they rolled up just a bit.

Here is a close up shot of them on the frame:

Pretty, pretty!  Smiley from

If you're local and would like to come to the Open House, drop me a quick line and I'll get you the information!

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