Friday, May 8, 2009


This weekend is the start of something wonderful.

I was born on Mother's Day thirty-something, something years ago. And that means every once in a while my birthday falls on or near that most desirous holiday. This year is no exception. And today I got a serendipitous gift...

You see, I have been working my little fingers to the bone making display items for my open house tomorrow. I started weeks ago when I first got my big box of summer items from the new Idea Book. And that's when I planned the date. So imagine my delight when I learned it coincided with a Father/Son camp out. I mean, what would be more perfect. I asked Engineer if he planned to take the boys. He commented that he hadn't planned to because that was my "Scrapbook weekend". I looked at him as though he was crazy and asked him why he thought I would want him to stick around the house for that. He rethought the situation and quickly started planning a camping trip with the boys.

So now I have been in my house, alone, in the peace and quiet for 5 hours now. No TV, no Wii, no crying, no fighting. My stuff is all set up for tomorrow, the snacks will be made in the morning, with no little fingers trying to snatch some away. It is the best Mother's Day/Birthday gift I could ask for right now. Is it awful that time from my boys (all 4) is a great Mother's Day gift?

Ask me tomorrow after I've had a good night's sleep in a bed to myself.

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