Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Have To Do What? By When?

As of yesterday all swimming lessons, camps, and general running around have come to a stop. I got all the laundry done...and when I say done, I mean all the hampers are empty, the clothes are put away, nothing in the "I'll put it away later" pile, nothing is sitting in the dryer, waiting to surprise me the next go around. I don't think this has ever happened!
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Today, I attacked my room. My dresser has become a catch all for anyone passing in and out of the room. I threw away a huge bag of junk and actually got down to the dresser itself!

The kitchen is relatively clean...we still have to eat I suppose.

So what else did I get done today?

Well, while sitting at the computer wasting time working hard, I got a call from a friend reminding me of a quilt square that is due at church tomorrow.
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I knew it was on my list of things to get done, but always got pushed to the bottom.

I thought about cutting out some fabric pieces with the cricut and sewing them on. But then remembered my sewing machine is out of commission for a while...and that my mom had all my fabric at her house.

How are those quiet books coming along, Mom?

Then I thought about just ironing some felt shapes to the quilt piece and doing a little hand stitching. But then remembered my sizzix machine is also at my mom's...along with my felt.

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I had just about given up doing anything for this quilt square until my friend mentioned she was just going to draw on it with markers.

Hey, I have markers! Smiley from

I have never stamped on fabric before and was kind of concerned about the loose weave this piece had. I held my breath and went to work. It turned out better than I thought.

Stamps: SU! Loads of Love, CTMH Charms Alphabet
Inks: Brilliance Graphite Black

Now I'll just leave all the sewing for the other ladies in charge of this project!

*Please excuse the abundance of smiley guys in this post, they were feeling neglected!*


  1. Very cute quilt square! It reminded me that my mom gave me and my 4 sisters a bag of fabrics and a pattern to make a house quilt square for each of us so we could all make wall hangings. That was last summer and I don't think any of us have done a thing with it yet! I'm surprised she hasn't been reminding us about it! Well, maybe when I get my son's wedding over with on Friday...
    Have a great summer with your kids! Enjoy them because they grow up REALLY fast!

  2. I love the smiley guys, they explain your point. I love the quilt square. We just finished ours for the Family reunion and I'll have to tell you the funny story about it later!

  3. Smiley guys are ALWAYS GOOD Angela - Missed you at Sue's!!!
    :-) The stamping on the fabric looks really good from the picture - great idea!
    Take care - just wanted to say Hi so you knew I was staulking you!

  4. Sorry I still have all your fabric and Sizzix things when you could have used them. You did a great job with the markers and the quilt square turned out great. I am making slow progress on the quiet books. DeAnna is coming next week to work on hers some more. Love, Mom



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