Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wishes & Dreams

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It is a wonderfully chilly morning here.  Ah, maybe Fall has come to the desert at last!  I love when I can open up the doors early and hear the day start.

Engineer and Bio-Comp are off to a Scout activity and the other two boys are still in bed.  One last sleep in before school resumes Monday I guess.  So right now I have a quiet house to myself.  The last 3 weeks with the boys home have been wonderful, but I think I'm ready for them to go back to school and be on a schedule again!

This morning, I'm going to share another Stamp Camp project from a couple of months ago.  Our fearless leader Kim (she'd have to be fearless to let us take over her downstairs for the weekend!) created a project using the new My Creations Canvas Journals.  She used the Flirty paper, Sparkle Flourinshes, Love Blooms stamp set and Canvas Alphabet.  It was a totally adorable project...and I went a completely different direction with you can see!  Smiley from

Stamps: Love Blooms
Inks: Ponderosa Pine, Indian Corn Blue, Outdoor Denim pigment inks, Archival Black
Hollyhock, Topiary, Sweet Leaf marker sets
Accessories: My Creations Canvas Journal, Pixie Glitter Alphabet, Sparkles Flourishes, Sparkles
Tools: Liquid Glass,3D foam tape 
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I took the new pigment inks and simply rubbed them all over the canvas until I got the coverage I wanted.  While that dried, and it does take a while for the inks to dry  Smiley from, like get-out-your-heat-guns-and-zap-it-awhile time for it to dry, I stamped and colored my roses and leaves.  I love the new alcohol markers...I think I've said that once or twice before already...but I truely do!  I even colored the Sparkles in the roses with the markers!
So after the journal was mostly dried,  I attached the Sparkle Flourishes.  I did have to use little drops of Liquid Glass here and there to keep it attached to the canvas.  I popped up the leaves and roses with 3D tape and placed them on.  Then I used the Pixie Glitter letters (which I won at Stamp Camp, thank you Kim!) for the title.  That was probably the hardest part of this whole project, coming up with a title!
And now I have a beautiful journal waiting for me to fill it up!
Let's see...wishes and dreams of a mom with 3 (or 4) boys.  How about: 
help with laundry Smiley from
shopping Smiley from
cleaning up Smiley from 
making dinner Smiley from
kids not fighting     Smiley from
and getting to sleep in myself every once in a whileSmiley from
Yeah, I'll let you all know when that happens!
Have a great weekend everyone!  I'm off to set up tables for an afternoon class of Trick or Treat Boxes!

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