Friday, July 4, 2014

Studio J Independence Picture My Life and Layout

From Millan.Net
We were up really early today so the boys could go out and put up flags while it was still cool enough outside.  Although, when it's already 80° at 5:30 in the morning...I don't hold out too much hope that the rest of the day will be any cooler.
 From Millan.Net

To help celebrate today, I'm sharing more Studio J work.  Up first is a set of Picture My Life cards done with the Independence paper pack.  I didn't get enough of it while it was out in paper form, so now I can use it up with studio scrapping!

This is a layout I did years ago when we first moved into our new house...3 years ago yesterday, in fact!  The boys had never played with sparklers before so we thought it was time to introduce them.  At one point I told them to just squiggle the sparklers in the air...and it looks like they actually spelled out the word "BOYS"!

Whatever your plans for today are, I hope you have a safe and sparkly day!
From Millan.Net

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