Friday, October 31, 2008

Things That Go Bump In The Night

This morning the boys finally got the Halloween calendar filled. Every window, every tombstone, every bag of candy is out. I made this a couple of years ago with much help from my mom. In a month I'll get to hang out the Christmas one.

I like Halloween, more now because the kids are old enough to enjoy it. But what I really love more than that it to watch scary movies and TV shows, because I can do that whenever. However, when these two things get together, it's a recipe for an overactive imagination.
The other night my Engineer went to Scouts. I like when he's gone because when the boys get to bed I have a quiet house to myself. I was watching a TV show that I always watch on Wednesdays (Criminal Mind), and right in the middle our doorbell rang. I absolutely did not want to answer it. Who visits people at 8:30 at night? After staring at the door for a while I finally talked myself into looking through the peephole, which was something I did not want to do, I could get my eye poked out or something! (that's the overactive imagination taking over) When I did peep, I saw something on the ground. Then my mind went to someone leaving it on the doorstep so I'd open the door, then they would reach out and push their way into the house. I decided since Engineer was on his way home, I'd let him get whatever it was out there. Then I started thinking, "What if he doesn't see it and steps on it?" And that quickly went to "What if someone is still out there and grabs him when he gets to the door?" (it is totally fine if you are snickering right now). Rest assured that he did get home and in the door safely...along with the plate of chocolate cupcakes someone "ghosted" at our door. I'm glad he wasn't eating one when I told him what I was doing the past 5 minutes, because I'm pretty sure he would have chocked with laughter.

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