Friday, October 17, 2008

When Are You Going To Start A Blog!

Well, how about right now. I've spent way too many hours looking at other craft blogs out there and got tired of certain people (you know who you are) asking that very question. So I caved to the peer pressure of "every body's doing it".

Why The Craft Closet? Simply because it's my favorite place in my house. And because a majority of things will come from there. I know, the last thing the world needs in another paper crafter enabling other crafters, like we even need encouragement. But I like to make things and I live with my three boys and my husband. I know boys and men can be creative, I do. But my husband is an engineer and it has become apparent that my boys will follow down that same road. Their idea of creativity is to see how many toys it takes to cover the carpet in the play room, or to see how many computers and laptops you can the same time. So when I finish a project, I'd like to hear more than a "That's pretty...when is dinner?" or "Nice, can I play a game?"

So I turn to you. And even if no one out there is looking at me and my stuff, I can at least imagine I have a group of friends that understand me and my craft closet.

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