Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Recovery

I always get tired getting ready for workshops...but it's a good tired. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves, even though we could have used another 6 hours or so! The ladies made Event Calendars. They'll use it to write any important dates that happen every year: birthdays, anniversaries. But the best part is after the year is over, they just flip it over and start again. After doing all the work on Saturday, plus 5 hours yesterday, some joked that they didn't think they'd be giving them away as gifts after all!

Here's a few pictures of the goodies they all got, filled with chocolate of course.

And here is the prize basket one lucky lady won, and I think by the ear shattering squeal she produced, she was pretty happy. Congratulations Stephanie!

And remember when I said I had inky fingers getting ready for this? These little babies are the reason why.

They are so fun and easy to make...OK, maybe not exactly fun, but I sure love sparkly things!
So that is what I've been up to the past couple of days. Now I have a couple of weeks to get ready for the next scrapbook meeting at my house! I think I might take a nap first though.

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