Monday, May 3, 2010

H2H Challenge: The Mother Of All Challenges...Sort Of

If it's Monday, it's H2H Challenge day!Smiley from

Yes, I know you are all excited for another installment of challenges, but I have to say this first:

Mom, if you're reading this...stop. Smiley from This week's challenge is to make a Mother's Day card...which will be in the mail shortly...really.

Are you still reading?

Okay, if you're still reading...just close your eyes for this next part.

Everyone else ready for the card? Here it is!

Stamps: CTMH Cherish The Moment (May SOTM), Say It In Style, Moments In Time, Celebrate Relationships (a counsultant only set)
Inks: CTMH Chocolate, Juniper
Papers: CTMH Veranda Creative Basics

Yes, to those of you wondering, I hand stitched this...I have the sore fingers to prove it, too! I love the look of stitching on cards and layouts, but my sewing machine is...well, it died in the service of stocking making one year and hasn't been the same since. Someday I'll figure out how to fix it!

Be sure stop by the H2H Challenge blog and see what the rest of the DT created for you this week. And this challenge would be a good one to enter...there will be another prize sponser drawing from Adeline Brill over at SweetAline when we're done!
Smiley from

Okay Mom, you can open your eyes now.


  1. the stitching is fantastic! I prefer faux stitching...takes less time! LOL

  2. Pretty card- love the stitching! Until I read your post through I was thinking "how did she do that with her machine"! LOL And I'm still wondering if your mom read the post & actually stopped reading! I wouldn't!

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