Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Another year has come again, today is my birthday! Smiley from millan.netI received lots of wishes on Facebook and cards from my CopicCrafters group which I will open later tonight. We had a nice dinner at Claim Jumper (thanks for the recommendation Cori!), but opted to stay away from the Chocolate Motherlode cake. I didn't want to slip into any kind of sugar coma.
Smiley from millan.net Seriously, can any one person eat a slice of that thing?

So Engineer is in the kitchen right now making some yummy, healthy oatmeal muffins for my birthday dessert. How great is he?!

Did I do anything crafty today? You bet I did! I have a top secret project I'm working on that has a deadline in a couple of days. All I have left to do is stitch six silly little buttons onto it and I'm done. How long do you think it took me to finish those six silly buttons?

All. Day. Smiley from millan.net

Hard to not prick yourself when someone needs attention until his brothers get home.

To make sure I had something to show you today, I'm going to share another Studio J layout:

Studio J: Route 66 Reflections Kit

This is a couple of shots I took this past Spring Break while we were at my parents' house. We were lucky to have my sister and her kids there with us. My brother works in the same town and brought my niece to come play with us.

I asked them if it was alright to share this with their kids pictures on it...some people can be a little picky about that sort of thing. My sister said sure. My brother also agreed, but said it counted as my birthday wish.
Smiley from millan.net

Silly brother, already got my birthday wish. Engineer and the boys got me 20 new Copics, 5 from each of them!Smiley from millan.net



    Copic pens - yummy!!! Better than that Motherlode cake in my opinion. I think I shall put those on my wish list for Christmas!
    Glad you had a great day!
    :-) Wendy

  2. Oh my gosh - so sorry I am late for your Birthday! Hope it was a happy one! Copics are an awesome gift - keep on collectin'!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    And because it's your birthday, I will give you 2 wheat for your wool *grin*


  4. Happy Birthday Angela, I love this layout.



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