Monday, January 26, 2009

Thinking Of You

See, even when I'm away from my blog, I still think of all my readers...all two of you.

Last week, Engineer was off freezing in Detroit doing engineery things and I had the run of the house.

That's great for dinner time:

"What, boys? You want hot dogs for dinner? Coming right up!"

It's bad for everything else:

"I'm helping your brother right now, can't you ask your...oh, wait."

So while I did get to take over the table and make cards...I could only do it little bits at a time. It took me a couple of days, sadly, to make a Valentine's card. It's for Engineer so I'll have to wait a couple of weeks to post it...I think he reads this blog.

I made this card earlier this month for my CTMH unit swap. I kept it simple but wanted to think outside the box a bit. It uses next months SOTM. It's called Easter Eggs and strangely enough, it's full of eggs. I used one of the textured designs to stamp on the Just Blooms large flower, I tried to pick on that was close to the print on the paper pack. For the smaller flower, I added Juniper re-inker and water to my mini mister and sprayed until I got the shade I wanted. Then it was just a matter of sewing the button on. Yes, it's really stitched on, I don't like the look of naked buttons.

Stamps: CTMH Easter Eggs (February SOTM), Say It In Style
Inks: CTMH Juniper
Papers: CTMH Perfect Day Reflections Kit


  1. I love the card!! I may just have to still the design for a luckly birthday girl in the ward! I, of course, follow your blog...I'm just a pathetic friend, who always forgets to comment! I can't wait for the next Workshop!

  2. You are so awesome! Just today I begun to realize it's almost Valentines day....I need to catch up!

  3. Sooo, you think only 2 people follow your blog? Well there are more of us out there we are just not so good at the computer world and can't always figure out how to leave a comment. Angela, you have no idea just how wonderful you are! Thanks for all the great ideas.
    Joanne H



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