Saturday, November 8, 2008

Merry & Bright, Bright, Bright!

I very, very rarely use bright colors in anything I make. I'm not sure why, maybe they remind me of clowns...but that would be another story.

I have seen many Christmas cards made with bright pinks and greens the past couple of years. At first I thought they were horrendous, they just did not have that certain look I'm used to for Christmas cards. But I suppose I give in to peer pressure easily (I mean look, I have a blog now, for crying out loud). So yesterday when I was making up some cards (yes, Kimberly, just because I could), I decided to try these unnatural color combos. I tried it and I liked it, I liked it! At least for this card I liked it, but I'm a little biased. I also used die-cuts (which are on special this month with CTMH) for the flowers and tag.

Stamps: CTMH All Decked Out (November SOTM), Christmas Melodies
Inks: CTMH Gray Wool, Citrus Leaf, Bubblegum
Papers: CTMH White Daisy, Citrus Leaf, Bubblegum

As far as the video I posted a couple of days ago, I apologize if it is stuck in any one's head. Because it sure is stuck in mine. Maybe Bio-Comp and Loquacious requesting to watch it 50 times a day has something to do with it.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Angela!
    I am in complete awe by your card making abilities! Someday I will have to have you show me how you make one. I also like the undtraditional christmas colors..they grow on you. And YES I had that video stuck in my head for days! :)



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