Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Had Me In...Staples?

This past Sunday, Loquacious had a bit of an accident at church. "Bit" meaning: fell against his chair in Primary, blood running down his shirt, trip to the ER, two staples in the back of his head. Now, this was the first time one of my boys has needed a trip to the hospital like this. And as a Mom, I was trying to not show any kind of panic least he freak out because I was. So I calmly let Enigineer take him to the ER while the rest of us stayed at church. And in the end, he was only at the ER less than an hour. But that hour I was imagining all kinds of things going wrong, too silly to say out loud. He's okay, but won't let me call him Frankenstein.

So, turning to more pretty things, because staples in your boy's head is not, here is another card I made with this month's stamp. This is a good money holder card, or maybe some kind of look-I-got-you-season tickets card. But I don't seem to have either, so I'm just guessing.

Stamps: CTMH All Decked Out (November SOTM), Chocolate Alphabet Large
Inks: CTMH New England Ivy, Grey Wool
Papers: CTMH Evensong Reflections Kit
I did take pictures of the shirt and staples...I couldn't help myself. It will be a challenge to scrap them, but a challenge to not scrap them. I know some of you understand that.

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