Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowman Set Part 3

I finished putting up the rest of my Christmas decorations today.

Smiley from

No, the indoor kind. I've been told if I want lights on the house, I'm going to have to do that myself. And that could be dangerous. Physically because I could see myself attaching some part of my body to the house along with the lights. And financially because I could also see myself covering every inch of the house and yard with lights...remember Tim the toolman Taylor? My inspiration.

But you've most likely come here to see the next installment of my snowman cards, not listen to me talk about lights...Smiley from

Stamps: Dustin Pike digital stamps
Inks: CTMH Crystal Blue
Papers: CTMH Tulip, White Daisy, Crystal Blue

No glitter on this card. Instead, I opted to flock his hat and mittens.

Well, the boys are home now and even though I did get all the decorations done, I left the tree so we could do it together. Got to make those memories!

Come back tomorrow, I have one more snowman card in the works.

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