Thursday, December 24, 2009

You'd Better Be Ready For Some Christmas Or You're In Trouble

Tomorrow is Christmas and that means all advent calendars out there should be complete! I have 3 calendars in my home...because I have 3 boys that fight over who gets to open them every morning. Problem solved.

Smiley from Smiley from Smiley from

Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit...they don't all have black eyes.

This is an advent calendar I made for the Open House back in September. I wanted to showcase all the different pages in the Jingle Reflections Kit and this seemed like an excellent way to do it.

Stamps: CTMH Chocolate Alphabet Small
Inks: CTMH Tulip, Juniper, Olive, Hollyhock, Creme Brulee, Twilight
Papers: CTMH Jingle Reflections Kit

I used 24 of our Craft Jars to hold slips of paper, each with an activity to do every day. I also used our Create-a-Shade Pearl Paint to make my homemade pearl mist and give it some shimmer everywhere. The My Creations Artboard is painted with it, the numbered circles are misted with it, the stars and snowflakes from the DE Flurry set are also misted with it. I colored some with Juniper re-inker and dyed the lighter matte with it. Add in the 7 layers of sealant I used on it and this calendar really shines! Smiley from

So is this one of the 3 calendars I have in my home? No, I entered it in last months Make It From Your Heart contest for CTMH consultants. I was torn about sending it in knowing I wouldn't be getting it back. So I took a lot of pictures. The good news is I won second place and got some new products out of it!

Smiley from
Santa's bringing me some goodies this year!

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  1. congrats on second place. You did a fantastic job. Hope you have a very merry Christmas



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