Saturday, May 31, 2014

Acrylic Frame Dry Erase Board

My last kids' class was yesterday. From Millan.Net

I was a little apprehensive about teaching middle school and high school students, but was told they were a good bunch of kids. And they were! I think I was more worried they would deem the projects "lame"...but to my relief they loved them.

Here is what we finished yesterday. It is a dry erase frame for your favorite top 5 list. Here you can see my son's top 5 things he wants to do this summer.
Papers: Holiday Red (retired), Star Spangled Blue (retired), White Daisy, Black cardstock
Accessories: Silver Shimmer Trim, Hook and Loop Dots

Because I was on a kind of small budget for these projects, I stopped at just about every Dollar Tree I could to find enough of these cheap acrylic frames.  I also found packs of dry erase markers...which didn't totally work really well, but what did I expect for a $0.33 pen?  So in our house we'll use one of my good markers.

The marker has our small Hook and Loop dots attached on the back at the cap and end of the pen. The pen is attached to the back of the frame when not in use, so it won't ever get lost. Well, the chances of it getting lost are reduced.

This is a fun, cheap project for kids to make on day this summer.  If you ever start hearing the "I'm bored." mantra, From Millan.Net try this!

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