Thursday, May 15, 2014

Studio J Superhero

I'm having some frustrating issues with my Photoshop program today.From Millan.Net  So while I try and get that sorted I can share some Studio J layouts.  
I love, love, love Studio J!From Millan.Net  I can just cruise through my photos in the computer and quickly make a layout.  Doesn't matter how old the photos are, doesn't matter if they've been forgotten about over the years...I took the pictures for a reason and Studio J lets me present them in such a fantastic way for everyone to enjoy!
This layout was made with the now retired Superhero paper pack.  From Millan.Net
I loved using it to create cards and books for my boys...and I miss it terribly.  But you know another thing I love about Studio J?  I can scrap with retired paper whenever I want!
Anyway, back to the layout...I've been pretty good about making layouts for the boys when they earn their Kenpo belts.  I like to make the focus color the same as their belts and this paper pack was just perfect for their blue belts.

And all the My Stickease added a fun element to the photos!  Kind of like an old Batman/comic feel to it. From Millan.Net

If you still haven't tried Studio J, please...go now...just go and try it!  You can thank me later.
From Millan.Net

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