Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Making a Splash with Studio J

I signed the boys up for swim team today. From Millan.Net Two out of three were excited...and that's a majority, right?  It's already reached into the 100's here and I can't wait for the local pool to open tomorrow!

Last year only one of the boys wanted to be on the team.  It was nice that he had something to call his own but I think having his brothers with him will be good for all of them.  This is a layout I made of Loquacious for his final meet last year.  Our local pool is named Purple Heart and the mascot is the Penguins!
 From Millan.Net 

They've all requested racing suits and goggles for this they look more professional I guess.
The teams will be posted next week, so I suppose it's time to get some pre-team practice in!

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