Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rediscovering Close To My Heart

After cutting paper all weekend (it seems), I think I'm just about ready for my kids' classes this week. The only thing that concerns me is if they get done before time is up. Then we just sit and stare at each other for the rest of the time?
From Millan.Net

While I'm making sure I have everything packed up to go, take a look at this Studio J layout I did. In February, I went with some friends and fellow consultants to a Close To My Heart event held in Phoenix.

See the little blinkie on the side of my blog? The one inviting you to Rediscover everything that makes you happy? That is what this whole event was about. And I needed it! Not only did it give me a chance to be with friends I may only see once a year, but I needed to Rediscover what I loved about crafting and CTMH. And these people are on the top of that list!


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