Friday, May 2, 2014

Bling Up Your Base and Bling

Have you tried the new pendants and charms from Close to my Heart's Base and Bling line?  It's a very fun and economical way to expand your jewelry selection!  And while you can choose various charms and images to place under the glass covers...I did something a little different.  Take a look!

Faux Antiqued Silver Chain
Faux Antiqued Silver Circle Pendant
Circle Glass Covers
Liquid Glass

Pretty blingy, right? From Millan.Net
This was so just takes some time.  So let me walk you through it.
  1. Secure your Glass Cover upside down.  I used a mini glue dot to keep it from rocking around.
  2. Paint a thin coat of clear nail polish.  Wait to dry.
  3. Paint a thin coat of your choice of nail polish.  Wait to dry.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you get the coverage you want.  Wait to dry in between each layer.
  5. Paint a thin coat of clear nail polish to seal it.  Wait to dry.
  6. Put a small...and I mean small, like the size of a teeny, tiny pea...drop of Liquid Glass in the pendant.
  7. Place your painted Glass Cover in the pendant and...say it with me now...wait to dry.
  8. If you used too much Liquid Glass and it's seeping out the sides, you can quickly wipe it up before it sets.
That's it!  So you see, it's not hard...well, except if you count the waiting.  But it's just about perfect if you do a big assembly line of these.  Start at one end and by the time you get done, the first one should be ready to go for the next coat!

If you do make any, I'd love to see your results!  I have way too many bottles of nail polish so I'm thinking some teacher gifts are in store for me this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

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