Saturday, May 10, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Who can tell me what this time of year brings?  
From Millan.Net

If you said busy schedules, concerts, testing, field trips, graduations, parties...well yes, you are right about that.  But it is also Teacher Appreciation week thrown in there as well!   So what can you get for someone who spends so much time with your child during the day and helps shape them into the adult they'll be later in life?

The answer is...nothing.  Because really, how would anything compare to the work they do every day with a class full of children!

However, you should take some time to let your child's teachers know just how much you do appreciate them.  This year I made all of them something for their classrooms to remind them how wonderful they truly are.
Inks: Ruby, Honey, Pacifica
Papers: Ruby, Honey, Pacifica, White Daisy, Black cardstock

We only have two more weeks of school to go.  Already our June calendar is full and I get tired just thinking about it.  Hopefully one or two of those days will let us sleep in a bit!

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